Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vacation Update 

the past two and a half weeks have been a mixture of rest and work. I've just come back from 10 days in Seattle and Vancouver, neither of which I'd visited before and both of which were beautiful. (Not to mention warm but not hiot weather and low humidity, a nice change from Philly.) Before I went, I got a chance to meet the Wharton class of 2008 as a panelist at the International Student Orientation and then representing the Wharton Graduate Association(WGA) at a couple of events during the first day of pre-term. The heat that day was almost unbearable (I think the heat index was something like 115) but they were all gamely getting on with things and meetoing each other. They're now pretty much half way through pre-term and had the math test today - rather them than me. I've also been keeping busy with WGA things while I traveled, when technoloy would let me that is, rather than Outlook helpfully deciding that life would be so much better for me if it refused to send any e-mails. I'm one of the WGA's Executive Directors for Academic Affairs this year, which is a fun but busy job.

I've got another 12 days of semi-leisure in Philly, which I'm hoping to use, at least in part, to swee some of the city that I haven't made it to yet. Then it's off for a week of absolute vacation on Maui before heading back into the school year again.


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