Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dry Air 

My flight home from Vancouver yesterday was my first expereince of the new travel restricitons. Restictions in Canada were tight: no liguids, gels, or similar allowed through security, and within the secure area any liguids sold had to be in open cups. At O'Hare, where we stopped en route to Philly, sale of liquids within the secure area seemed unaffected (bottles of water and soda available, drinks with lids on them) we just weren't allowed them on the plane, not that anyone seemed to be checking. when I fly, especially on longish trips, I'm normally equipped with moisturiser, hand cream, lip balm and a water spritzer as well as a large bottle of water because drink service never seems frequent enough. It'll be interesting to see how things devleop in the coming weeks.

Some news stories around this whole thing have been amusing, for a number of reasons. I almost snorted in disbelief at the news reporter who asked a 'security expert' how you could use a sports drink to make an explosive, seeming having missed the whole 'disguised as' element of the 'liquid explosives disguised as sports drinks' story. My morning paper yester day reported tha tthe ban on taking liquid aboard planes in Canada had been extneded to aerosols and juice. Am I missing something, or isn't juice a liquid? Then there's Philly aiport announcing that they will be providing booties as everyone now has to have their shoes x-rayed. I've had to take my shoes off everytime I've gone through security at Philly, so is this reuirement really a new thing? Anyway, I'll be grateful for the booties.

Ona somewhat less amusing note, today's Chronicle of Philanthropy e-mail highlighted this story form the New York Post on the impact of the hand luggage restriction on orchestras travelling between the US and UK. I used to work with someone whose daughter was a professional cellist, and had to remember to pack the cello spike in the hold rather than with the instrument. The cello had to travel in its own seat, and was apparently offered an in-flight meal on occassion.


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