Friday, July 21, 2006


Today is the last day of my internship. It's been a mixed experience.

I came into it looking to get an insight into a slightly different type of organization, how it works and the issues it faces, rather than to learn a new skill, demonstrate a new ability, or make a big difference to my resume. In that sense it's been a success. It's also really helped me to clarify what's important to me in a job and in an organization. Unfortunately, the internship itself wasn't very well planned and a lot of the work I was doing wasn't really appropriate to an MBA internship. I definitely got something out of it, and hard financial measures of the appropriate stuff that I did do show that there were benefits to the organization, but I'm disappointed that there was a missed opportunity for it to be more beneficial on both sides.

So, I now have just under seven weeks of freedom until school starts again on September 6th. I think the last time that I had such a long period entirely to myself was in the summer of 1993.


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