Sunday, June 18, 2006

Visual images 

While researching blogs at work I stumbled on this blog for a book called Stumbling on Happiness. Reading through the sample writing on the website was enough to convince me that I had to buy the book, which I tracked down with some little effort. It's sort of pop-academia (other wise known as the 'where on earth in the bookshop are the likley to have categorised this one?' genre), in the vein of Steven Levitt and Malcolm Gladwell, and I think is one of thosebooks that has the potentially to alter the way you look at the world. I'llpost more when I finish it.

One thing that confused me though was the image on the front of the book (also shown at the top of the blog). My first thought was "what does an upturned bowl of red currents have to do with anything?". Then I realised they were cherries. OK, bowl of cherries = happiness and upturned = stumbled, but to me an upturned bowl of cherries suggests lost happiness where as the premise of the book is more along the lines that you stumble but keep your bowl of cherries intact, or that it's the stumbling that alows you to find the bowl of cherries in the first place.

In a similar vein, while looking for the book I was directed to the 'Self Imporvement' section of Barnes & Noble (I eventually found it in Psychology) where I spotted a prominently displayed book entitled "All the Good Ones Aren't Taken" (link to it on Amazon here) with a picture of a cupcake on the front. Now, to my mind, a good cup cake is light and sweet but insubstantial, and is gone from your life in a few moments, which doesn't really seem to fit with the getting a good man theme that I presume the book is about.

For anyone looking for good cupcakes in the Philadelphia area, I recommend the Flying Monkey in Reading Terminal Market. Di Bruno Brothers has ones which look beautiful but taste less good. For anyone looking for good men, do let me know if you find where they are hiding - apparently they're not all taken.


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