Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good heavens, I've learnt something 

After my last exam (which was almost six weeks ago now, I'm shocked to realise) I had a not-entirely-sober conversation with a group of friends about what we'd learnt during the course of our first year in the MBA program. The consensus was 'a lot' - even if we couldn't necessarily remember the detail of absolutely everything, we at least knew that there was detail out there, where to find it, and how to use it. Since then, I've had moments of realisation when I've noticed that I'm thinking about something in a differnt way or looking at something in a different light compared to a year ago, for example seeing a news story about Wal-Mart asking its suppliers to do something and thinking 'oh, they're trying to use their rent chain'.

Over lunch with some colleagues the conversation turned to financial investment, and I found myself explaining arbitrage and diversifying risk, and actually knowing what I was talking about. Corporate Finance was probably the subject I've found least professioanlly relevant (not completely irrelevant by any means, but I learnt a lot of stuff I'm pretty sure I will probably never use in my working life), but I felt like there were a lot of things in it that I, as an intelligent, informed, adult ought to understand. And at lunch today I felt all grown up.


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