Saturday, September 17, 2005

Worth thousands of words 

I had a meeting this lunchtime in Rittenhouse Square and was distracted from going back to my Corporate Finance books by an open air art exhibition. The pavements (US, sidewalks) were lined with booths in which, mainly local, artists were displaying their work. A fair amount of it wasn't my sort of thing, but there were some gorgeous peices there. I spent a long time looking at a picture of some cows, while trying to keep the phrase "I can not spend three weeks' rent on a painting" running through my head. I succeeded in not buying it, although if it's still available in 20 months' time I may have found myself a graduation present - there's something about the skewed perspective that I like, it reminds me of MC Escher somehow. There wer lots of other pieces I'd happily have given house room to as well, but they were priced at the 1-month's-rent+ level, and so were easier to walk away from. I did however give in and buy a set of three etchings, which have the subtle slightly off-beat humour which I tend to find appealing. The art-loving part of my mind is still trying to convince the financially prudent part that the purchase was entirely justified, but compared to the cows they were a bargain.


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