Thursday, September 22, 2005


Thought I would throw a couple of musings out into the ether from the learning experience so far:

It's great to get things wrong

This is a lesson I really wish I'd learnt earlier in life than I did. Getting things wrong and then understanding why, or knowing what mistakes you're likely to make, seems more effecitive than just geting things right straight off, somehow. I remind myself of this everytime I'm doing a Mgec problem for the fourth time because I still can't get a sensible answer.

There are real benefits to working in groups

From the learning team and grop work perspective so far, I'm really appreciating the different expeiences and points of view people bring. No one can be good at everything, and even within subjects people have different stengths or approaches. Not to mention that there's always likely to be someone who understands things that you don't, or who's picked up on a detail that you've missed. I know that some people find goup work overly time consuming, but personally I'm not finding that it takes too much time over and above doing things alone, and I'm feeling real benefits that more than outweigh what extra effort is involved.


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