Monday, August 15, 2005

Things that go bump in the night, or in the corridor 

The plan to get a good night's sleep before the maths exam was slightly disrupted by one heck of a thunderstorm. When I was young, I was told that thunder was the sound of a giant moving his furniture. Last night, even him hurling it around the room would have been an understatement. Thor was seriously pissed off about something. I lay in bed listening to the crashing (and the constantly-sounding alarm of a car in the carpark below) and pondered on the fact that my metal bed frame was virtually in contact with my metal air-conditioning unit, which opens to the utside of the building, and what would happen if it took a direct lightening strike?

And then it was the maths exam this morning. Of the six questions, I'm pretty sure that four were fine. The fifth, in retrospect I think I got more of than I thought immediately after I came out of the exam room. As for the sixth, well I'm hoping that the fact that I wrote down the formula I was using will get me at least 1 mark, although I don't think the attempts to use it will get me any of the other 14. It has at least been comforting to know that lots of other people felt the same way, and the corridors of Huntsman Hall have been echoing to the mantra of 'partial credit'.

Concentration in the exam was not exactly helped by a. people who hadn't worked out how to disable the 'beep' on their calculators, b. someone a couple of seats down from me who had his phone on 'vibrate' and thereby treated us to the not-very-silent vibrate sound a number of times, and c. what I thought was an unreasonable amount of noise from the corridor outside. People who weren't connected with the exam I can't really blame (signs saying something along the lines of 'quiet please, exam in progress' having evidently not been deemed necessary) but the fact that the invigelator stood outside in the corridor having a rather loud phone conversation for a good few minutes, I thought was pretty poor.

Results come out later this week. Apparently c10% of people generally fail the first time and have to take it again. I'm hoping that I'm not in that 10%, because while I know that there are some things I need to do more work on I can do without the pressure of another test.


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