Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That's more like it 

Finished the maths retake about an hour ago, and there'll be little excuse if I didn't manage 100%. When I got my graded paper back from the first attempt (in the end they were available from last Thursday) it was pretty clear that there were two major reasons that I didn't pass. 1 - I'd made lsome really, and I mean really, stupid mistakes, and 2- my brain had evidently gone into a bit of a meltdown and I'd just failed to do a lot of stuff right that I knew full well how to do. Looking at the marks Ii'd been given, some hadn't been added up properly and there was one part of a question that I'd got no credit for where I thought I deserved partial credit. Had I been able to succesfully argue my case I might just have scraped a pass, but I didn't want to go down that route. For one thing, I deserved to have failed it, and for another, I was worried that my brain had freaked out so much. I don't usually get paniced by exams, in fact I often quite enjoy them. So I wanted to face the exam again and prove to myself that I wasn't going to panic.

Tomorrow offers a statistics quiz in addition to an exam so that I can try to place into the fast accounting course. I've got a marketing waiver exam on Saturday and some micro economics homework to wrestle with for Friday. I want to blog about some of the other pre-term stuff, especially the non-academics, but that's going to have to wait until the weekend.


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