Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The last few days have seen me pottering around getting things sorted and getting myself settled. Like Iceman, I've hit K-mart, although for the more mundane necessities of storage draws, laundry hamper, pillows etc. I've ordered a bed, which arrives tomorrow (hurray!) along with a bedside table and desk chair. I've attempted to find an 'averagely priced' place for buying groceries, and tried, and so far failed, to find somewhere selling nice bread that isn't $5 a loaf. I've de-mildewed my shower curtain (oh, the glamour!) and together with the newly arrived roommate and a somewhat less than wonderful cleaner attempted to get the apartment set-up and stocked-up. Today I managed to open a bank account, and then headed off to student Health Services to spend an hour or two filling out forms, waiting to see nurses, and having needles stuck in me to either extract blood or inject vaccine. (I have to go back on Thursday to waive my arm in front of someone so that they can check my TB test.)

Yesterday, was International Student Orientation, some of which was quite useful, other bits less so, but it was good to meet up with some people again and meet others for the first time. And having spoken to several people who'd flown in the day before, I'm really glad that I allowed myself a week to adjust to the time difference. Having said that, last night was, to my shame, the first time I made it out to socialise, and I left pretty early, but I think there'll be time enough to make up for that in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow pre-term starts properly, with a day of talks, introductions, and a scavenger hunt (although with a forecast of 94 degrees and high humidity I hope no one's expecting overly vigorous scavenging), and then we get stuck in to the work on Thursday with maths from 9-12. We officially find out our cohort (group of c60 students that we have most of out first-year classes with) tomorrow, but the information's already been added to the on-line facebook, so it's been interesting to browse through and see who I'm going to be spending all those hours with over the coming year. And it's going to be even more interesting getting to know them.


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