Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Getting into gear 

So, today marked the start of week two of pre-term and a bit of a change of gear. This morning was the last "math camp" class, which means that I've now been taught, or reminded of, the maths I need to approach the first year. The test is on Monday and I'm hoping that by then I'll just about have things straight in my head. At the moment I veer between 'this is fine' and 'kill me now', but the former seems to be becoming more frequent, so there's still hope. Tomorrow sees the start of Statistics and Financial Accounting, and also the end of my 'late' 9am starts. With the exception of Wednesdays, I'm in at 8 every morning, and I'm beginning to wonder whether 'Time Manageent for MBAs' at 8am on a Monday was really such a good idea.

With any luck today was also the last 'waiting at home for hours for a workman who turns up late', at least for a while. I dashed home from MGEC (managerial economics) so as to be there for the Comcast guy who was coming to set up our internet connection at some point between 3 and 5. He arrived at 6.30pm and left over an hour later, having failed to 'catch a signal' in one room and told us that we couldn't use our modem because it was being used by another account.The fact that the modem was physically with us and not eighteen blocks down the street (where this account is registered) apparently means nothing, and we have to get on to customer service to get it sorted out.

By the time Mr Comcast had left and I'd got something to eat I decided that I really couldn't motivate myself to go out to the Europa party that was happening this evening. While I'm all for meeting and getting to know people, having shouted 'conversations' with people in a noisy bar quickly gets tiring. In the last few days I've had a string of quieter social events (coffee with a goup of people, dinners with some of the S2S board regulars and with some of the other bloggers, drinks in a quiet corner of a bar where we were having a cohort social) and that's been much more my scene. Yelling over music and lots of other conversations just doen't work well for me.


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