Thursday, July 28, 2005

Well, I made it 

The last few days before the move were pretty manic. I seemed to spend a huge amount of time moving heavy objects up and down stairs, and the rest of it in pretty constant motion of other sorts. But I managed to get things put/given/thrown away of packed up to go. One of the biggest issues was getting rid of rubbish. In an effort to reduce landfill the local Council had recently brought in a rule limiting refuse to one bin per household per week. From an enviromental point of view that's admirable, but from the point of view of someone needing to get rid of a sizeable quantity of stuff, it's a pain. So at 2am on Tuesday morning I was prowling the streets like some sort of mutant Father Christmas 'donating' the odd bag of rubbish here and there. I think I got about nine hours sleep over the course of three days and hardly ate anything, so by the time I made it to the departure lounge at Heathrow, having some how managed to check in 128kg of luggage and not had to pay any excess baggage charges, if
I could have found a way of eating and sleeping simultaneously, I would have done.

But I'm now installed in my apartment, I've unpacked (in the sense of having got everything out of the suitcases, although it's not exactly put away yet) and I managed not to melt in the ridiculous heat that we had yesterday. I'm pottering around and gradually getting things sorted out, and looking forward to my roommate arriving on Sunday and getting properly started next week.


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