Sunday, July 24, 2005

Goodbye and goodbye and goodbye and goodbye 

I seem to have spent the last month steadily saying goodbye to people. Off-site colleagues who I wouldn't see again before I left, members of the trustee board, family at my sister's wedding last week. And there've been the 'lasts'. Last management meeting, last stewarding gig (for the incomparable Kit and the Widow, increadibly talented and lovely people to boot), last train journey. This week just gone has been particularly full of goodbyes and lasts. I finished up in the office on Friday, had by last day at church today, and there are farewell drinks tomorrow (hopefully in a rather nice beer garden, although as the UK's longest dry spell for 38 years broke this morning, we might have to sit inside the pub instead).

In the course of all this two things have particularly struck me. First has been how different it's felt leaving my job this time compared to previously. Every time I've changed jobs before it's been over the Christmas/New Year break, which has always taken some of the focus off a bit. But more importantly, when I've left jobs before it was because they were coming to some sort of end, even if it was just that I'd taken them as far as I could and it was time to move on. This time though, the leaving's caused by a pull rather than a push, and it feels strange to be leaving somewhere when I still have so much enthusiasm for what I could do there.

The other thing that's struck me, is my feelings about leaving Bristol, where I live (at least for another 36 hours or so). I've realised it's the first place I've lived that I've actually chosen to live in. Previously, I was where my family where, or where I was studying, or where my job was. But Bristol was a definite choice of somewhere I wanted to live, even if it maybe wasn't the most logically practical choice. And despite the undoubted problems of its impracticality, it's somewhere I've loved being. I think the huge pluses of being somewhere I actually want to be are something that I need to keep in mind when it comes to deciding where I go post b-school.

But for now, it's not much longer until I'm Philly bound. This computer is shortly to be boxed up and shipped off to my sister, so I'll be making only periodic contact with the world of the web until I'm in Philadelphia and have laptop and internet access sorted out.



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