Monday, June 27, 2005

Where on earth did the time go? 

Well, one month today I'll be in Philadelphia. A date that has seemed far away for so long has suddenly sprinted up on me. I look at everything I need to do at work and everything I need to do at home and I start to panic somewhat. But I always work better when I've got a deadline pressing, so I'm relatively confident that I'll be OK as long as I get my finger out.

At least I know I've taken care of most of the important stuff. My passport, complete with visa, is now back with me. I've registered for pre-term and yesterday I managed to get a realtively decent photo taken uploaded for the facebook and my Penn Card. The Penn Card is the student ID, the Facebook an on-line student directory with photographs. The one piece of advice I've got from just about everyone has been "get a good picture for the facebook becasue they'reused in all sorts of places". Now, I don't think I photograph particularly well and I hate having my picture taken. Apart from anything else, I never know what to do with my mouth - if I smile naturally the way my eyes crease makes me look like I've got a bad squint, and if I don't smile at all I look like a stuffed fish, so I struggle to find the optimum point somewhere between the two. Miracle of miracles though, I managed to get a pretty decent picture, at least one I won't be too distressed to have associated with me for the next few years, and it's now scanned and uploaded. The next major thing to do is find somewhere to stay for the first few days I'm in Philly until I can move into my apartment on the 31st.


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