Thursday, June 30, 2005

That decision day feeling 

Tuesday was decision day for the big submission that I was working on in May. It happened in a closed meeting and we have to wait to have the outcome officially communicated to us, but we should hopefully get an informal notification by phone today. It's got everyone jumpy - the Finance Director keeps sticking her head out of her office to check if we've heard anything, at least two of our trustees have phoned, and I'm sure the Chief Exec is quietly fretting about it too, but he's in transit at the moment so isn't calling me. I was going to say that I was somehow managing to keep a zen-like calm about the whole thing, but then the phone rang and my stomach leapt in the same sort of way it did back when I was expecting imminent notification of school decisions. I am being significantly more productive at work than I was then though, no doubt due to the "I only have three weeks left" factor.


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