Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lots of bits of paper for one vital bit of paper 

My visa interview is in just under a fortnight's time. As this is the penultimate stop of ten days spent running round the country for work and family commitments, with an exam and the visa interview thrown in for good measure, I've been getting my paperwork together this weekend. I have everything I know they'll want (application forms, I-20, financial information, proof that I've paid the $100 SEVIS fee), things they say they might ask for (degree certificate, transcripts, demonstration of links to the UK, old passports showing travel to the US), and then an assortment of others bits and pieces they're probably not going to want to see but it won't hurt to take along just in case (GMAT scores, copy of marriage certificate, divorce documentation, Deed Polls showing changes to surname). All I've got left to do is pay the visa administration fee (£60), which I can take care of at a local bank tomorrow, and get my photo taken. The specifications for the photo are very precise, which means one from a machine won't do. A photographer very near to where I live does compliant photos, but when I popped in to ask about it yesterday I was informed that it would cost £25! While I've pretty much got used to the entire going to Business School process eating up money, that seems a bit steep. There's a place a few minutes away from the US emabassy that does lots of passport and visa photographs, so I've dropped them an e-mail to see if their rates are any more reasonable. If they are, then I'll stop in when I pass through London next week.


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