Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Keeping in touch 

I'm in the process of writing a sort of reflections on the application process blog entry, which is turning into a sort of Fundraiser's Guide to B-school applications. It's looking like is going to be quite long, I haven't quite got the structure right, and I keep getting interrupted (by things like my job) but hopefully I should manage something soon.

Also distracting me, have been various mailings from Wharton (which I'll also blog about at some point soon), the most recent of which was the 'Wharton Insiders Guide' - "a light-hearted description of our program and life in Philadelphia". It includes an section for international, with general tips and specific suggestions from students from various countries and continents. In the UK section, along with comments on the availability of the two essentials for any British student no matter where in the world they are (beer and Heinz Baked Beans), was a recommendation to use Skype (a VoIP service) for calls home. This certainly looks interesting, and if it removes the need to have a land line solely to keep in touch with people on this side of the pond, it could definitely be worth it. I decided to set up an account (as its free) and have a play last night. It has a theoretically nifty facility to find possible matches with people in your Outlook Contacts (so you can see who uses the service that you know) although having seen the potential matches it found for mine, I'm not entirely sure how this works, as some as them seemed extremely bizarre. Of the sixty-three possibles, sixty very clearly weren't the same people as in my Outlook (and in most cases I couldn't see what would lead the program to think they might be), two might have been matches (not enough information to be able to tell either way) and one clearly was a match to my ex-husband, who I'm not sure why I still have in my contacts list, as I have zero desire to contact him.

Anyway, if anyone has any experience of Skype or VoIP more generally and would like to share their views, please stop by Comments.


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