Sunday, June 12, 2005

Keep on moving 

Today is day 3 of a 10-day period that's being spent running about all over the country. Friday was spent traveling north, and almost ended in disaster when I lost my footing on a railway station staircase. I had visions of ending up in the same state as FutureMBAGirl (ie with a broken foot, not Texas), but fortunately, although my bag tumbled to the floor, I managed to fling myself at the handrail, and so suffered only a sore knee and ankle and a badly bruised armpit.

Yesterday was or annual work 'big event'. The last couple of years I've been in charge of organising it, but this year I was expecting just to be able to show up and look pretty. No such luck. I was running around just as much as when I'd been in charge, and I think it was actually harder because I hadn't done all the planning in advance. It's always a bit of a nightmare because the nature of the event means that we have to work in an unfamiliar venue, in a limited time window with lots of things having to be done on a just-in-time basis, and with three or four different elements happening in slightly different places. But, as always, we managed, it went really well, and I even managed to get lunch this year (although I missed pudding) which doesn't always happen. It was also an opportunity to say good bye to some people that I'm unlikely to see again before I move.

In the evening I headed back to my mum's (which is where I'm staying for a couple of nights) and another round of bridesmaid dress fitting. Standing in heels while people fuss about skirt lengths and side seems is not fun when you've been on your feet all day and are desperately in need of a long soak in a bubble bath. But today has been blissfully relaxing - sleeping late, pottering round, home-cooked Sunday Lunch, and no pressure. It's been particularly nice to be here because I'm unlikely to get the chance to visit again before I head to Philadelphia, and as my mum is planning on moving house there's every chance that this building won't still be 'home' when I come back for Christmas. It's not the only house I lived in when I was growing up, and it was only really my full-time residence for three or four years, but it's been 'home' for almost twenty. I'm going to miss 'real' things about it, like the spectacular view from the front windows, but I think I'm also going to miss the intangible security that's represented by knowing that there's a room here that's mine, even if I visit it too rarely.

But things have to move forward, and tomorrow I move on to London to do my CFRE exam and get my visa photo taken. Then it's another train home where I swap over clothes and paperwork and get a short night in my own bed before setting out on a three-day work trip early on Tuesday.


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