Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm beginning to feel like my flat has a revolving door 

Every time I've got home this week it's been to turn round and leave again within a few hours. This time I at least get over eight hours here, and hopefully more than five hours' sleep.

Today's running a round has been productive though. I have a US F1 visa, or at least I will have when my passport makes it back to me next week. The whole process was much quicker and less searching than I'd feared. I didn't need any supporting documents other than my bank statement, and the visa officer didn't even look closely enough at my I-20 to work out that the costs and funding listed were only for the first year, not the entire 22 months. I didn't feel the urge to enlighten her. I was out only an hour and a quarter after my apointment time, which I think is a faster turn-around than I've had for tourist visas to other countries. So providing the INS person who's desk I pitch up at when I fly in doesn't have an aversion to the colour of my socks, I should be fine.

Now, off to pack another bag ready for heading off again tomorrow.


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