Sunday, June 19, 2005

Feels like something's missing 

Well the ten-day-run-arond is over. I was 'up north' for my sister's hen night this weekend, and made it home earlier this evening, somewhat delayed due to seemingly obligatory weekend engineering works. These necessitated a detour into South Wales, prompting the usual 'have we got our passport' jokes from fellow passengers. I realised that I am in fact currently passport-less, as it's with the US embassy getting its visa, and it feels really odd. It's not as if a week is a long time (the visa takes c five working days to process), but there is something odd about not having it around, not being able to leave the country if the need or urge should arise. Although maybe that's no bad thing - if I had the means I'd be sorely tempted to skive work, try to meet up with Poweryogi on the continent (he can't make it to the UK) and experience some of the excitement that seems to be following him around.


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