Sunday, June 05, 2005

Avoiding being a pin-cushion 

Another bit of paperwork that I've been working on getting out of the way is my medical and immunization history. The medical history is self reported and mostly straightforward, although there are a couple of places where I'm not sure what they're asking. Loss of Vital Organ-No/Yes, is pretty clear but does Prescription Medications - No/Yes mean am I currently taking any or have I ever taken any? The immunization form has to be filled out and signed by a nurse or doctor. The way that the National Health Service works means that your General Practitioner (primary healthcare provider) records follow you round from doctor to doctor, so even though I've been registered with eight different practices over the years, the current one has all my records since birth. Even so, with the help of a very handy vaccination record card that my undergrad university provided and my mother's comprehensive records of childhood jabs and illnesses, I've got together a list of all the relevant dates so whoever fills out the form doesn't have to search through everything. It looks like I'm only missing one measles jab, which may have to be made up with an MMR as single vaccines aren't that readily available over here. I've never been squeamish about needles or injections, but they do tend to result in sore arms and resultant lack of sleep, which I can do without.


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