Friday, May 06, 2005

Too much information? Or too little? 

As I've worked my way through the matriculating procedure and things at Wharton have come on-line I've gradually been getting more and more information about August on. ID's for the Penn and Wharton systems let you in to a whole host of information including, among other things, the exam timetable for the end of the first semester. So nice to be able to dread evening exams a week before Christmas, seven months in advance! On other fronts I have somewhere to live, and a roommate who is doing a terrific job of trying to sublet the place for the two months before we arrive, and I've booked my flight.

The one cloud on the horizon is the paperwork for my visa. I got my I-20 a couple of weeks ago, but when I gave it a second look I realised that some of the funding information is slightly wrong. It may be of absolutely no significance that it is, but I'm not sure and don't want to find out that it is a problem by having my visa application rejected. So I've been trying to get in contact with the Office of International Programs to find out whether I need new paperwork issuing or if I can just go ahead and set up a visa appointment. So far an e-mail, an e-talk posting, a second e-mail, and a phone message (all their lines were busy) have resulted in zero response. A third e-mail went today. I'm sure they're fantasticaly busy, but it is rather frustrating to sit and listen to the silence. If e-mail number three doesn't work then I may see if I can find a Philadelphia bakery that will deliver them a large chocolate cake with a print out of the e-mail sat on the top - do you think that might get someone's attention?


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