Monday, April 18, 2005


Wharton Welcome Weekend ended yesterday, but I'm still in Philly enjoying the sunshine and looking at apartments (I see the last one in a couple of hours). It was a great weekend, much bigger than Winter Welcome which gave it a bit of a different feel because of the logistical needs of an event on that scale, but just as fun. The amount of work that must have gone into organising it was phenomenal, and the energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved was just a knock out.

I won't post a blow by blow account, because I don't think i could do the weekend justice, but I will strongly recommend that everyone go to the welcome events for the schools they're admitted to if they possibly can. A good proportion of this weekend's events overlapped with the ones in February, so I don't think I'd have missed out on much in concrete terms if I'd opted not to make the trip again, but from a social and fun point of view it was worth it, even if I didn't manage to stay out and party as long as I might have wanted. (In typical fashion, I spent the fist few days battling to stay awake in the evenings on account of jet lag, and have now pretty much adjusted to the time difference in time to go home. But hey, I'm sure an overnight flight will help to mess things up nicely in the other direction.)

I really enjoyed meeting up with people I'd first met in February, putting real names and faces to electronic aliases, and getting acquainted with lots of people for the first time. Managing to see fomer blogger Riter and current blogger Iceman were particular highlights. And I met another Brit to add to our small band and a third fundraiser (having met a second via E-talk) which was fun.

OK, now I have to go and see if I can fit my WWW water bottle into my rather overfull bag.


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