Sunday, April 10, 2005

We're shopping 

Spent a good chunk of Saturday touring shoe shops looking for a pair of silver sandals to wear to my sister's wedding in July. Now I know a day of shoe shopping would sound like heaven to a lot of women and I like shoes as much as the next girl (unless she's Imelda Marcos), but I don't enjoy the process of shopping for them that much. The problem is that I have very wide feet, which rather limits the available range of stylish yet reasonably comfortable footwear. This means that I have very few pairs of 'f*** me' shoes, a sizeable collection of 'don't f*** with me' boots' and a real problem when being a bridesmaid requires me to conform to a certain set of requirements. If anyone can suggest places in Philly that might stock strappy silver sandals for someone with feet of Hobbit proportions, please let me know and I'll have a look next week (for Welcome Weekend). Failing that, there's a localish shop that specialises in clothes and shoes for transexuals/transvestites that may well do delicate footwear for those with less than delicate feet.

The amount of available time for shoe shopping when in Philadelphia is going to be largely dependent on the amount of time taken up by apartment shopping. I sent off e-mails a couple of weeks ago to try to set up appointments to see some buildings and responses were either practically instant or non-existant, so I've also spent some time this weekend following up the non-responders. I'm hoping that by the time I leave on Monday evening I'll at least have a couple of buildings that I know I'll be happy to live in, and then I can sort out the details via phone, e-mail etc if necessary. Hopefully finding a suitable roof for over my head will be somewhat easier than finding suitable shoes for my feet.


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