Thursday, April 07, 2005

Still not a clerical error 

I got another change of status e-mail yesterday, which confused me somewhat as I didn't think there was anything left to change, but my record had indeed been updated to show that my officila transcripts had been received and my employment verification completed. I think that is now everything done.

Spent yesterday evening having great fun (what is the emoticon for sarcasm?) filling in my CFRE application forms. This is the standard US qualification for fundraising. After discussing it's benefits and relevance with a US fundraiser who's also a Wharton/Kellogg admit I decided that it was probably worth shelling out the $how much?! and as there's only one London presentation of the exam left before I move, and the deadline for applications is next week, I really needed to get the forms done. Compared to B-school applications the forms are really unclear and badly laid out and I seemed to spend ages scrolling forwards and backwards transfering points from one section to another and trying to check that my addition was right. (You have to detail your activities in the areas of Education, Professioanl Practice, Professional Performance and Service, with different types of activities getting different numbers of points, and there's a minimum points requirement for each section.) Assuming the application is OK I get to sit the exam in the middle of June. Hopefully this shouldn't be too taxing - it's marked on a 200-800 scale rather like another test that we're all too familiar with, but, judging by the sample questions ,considerably less demanding.


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