Friday, April 29, 2005

R&R needed 

The bag hasn't turned up yet, so I'm contemplating having write it off and claim on my insurance. Fortunately my tendency to either be really organised and file things or completley disorganised and not get round to throwing things out means that I seem to have receipts for most things. Yesterday I survived the twin embarrasments of turning up to a meeting of our Board of Trustees in jeans and doc martins (my meeting clothes being in the lost bag) and almost leaving another bag on a train. My excuse for the latter was that I was briefing a journalist by phone as I got off the train, so was a bit distracted (and I'd told the colleagues I was travelling with to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't forget anything!).

Fortunately, an extended weekend starts in half an hour (Monday is a public holiday) so I should have an opportunity to get my brain working again, along with starting to sort through my stuff and decide what to take with me, what to store and what to find a new home for.


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