Tuesday, April 12, 2005

On the way to Welcome Weekend 

I suppose I’m officially in transit to Welcome Weekend. I had to be in the office today and fly out tomorrow, so going home in between didn’t make much sense. I was at a seminar in London this morning, so decided that I’d dump my bag at the place I’m staying tonight rather than drag it round with me. Slight problem when I got to the hotel and found that they didn’t have any record of my booking, but they let me leave my bag anyway, and it turns out that I’d gone to the wrong hotel – I’m at one from the same chain a couple of streets away.

Having left the bag I then had the joy of a rush-hour journey across to London to the seminar. On the days when I think “I could really live in London again” public transport is always the thing which makes me have second thoughts. At least today the man whose armpit my nose was stuck in had showered and used deodorant and the person breathing in my face was sucking mints, so it could have been worse. I don’t think the seminar could have been though. Not only was it not really about what it was meant to be about, it wasn’t even a very good session on its actual topic. So I left early and headed to the office to get things tied up for while I’m away. It looks like it’ll be a latish finish here tonight, before heading back into London to get myself to the right hotel. Then tomorrow, I’m getting my hair cut before setting out for Heathrow.

PS For your amusement, humorous Wharton Jornal articles on WWW here and here.


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