Saturday, April 02, 2005

Barefoot with lions 

I actually made it into work yesterday and my brain didn't start to shrivel up until late afternoon, which was quite remarkable given how little work it'd done in the previous week. In the evening I went out to the Wharton's UK Alumni club monthly drinks, which last night was an 'admit special'. The E-talk admitted students board had been very very quiet from UK based r2 admits, to the extent that I was beginning to wonder if there were any, but I need not have worried. There were about eight or so r2's last night (plus some partners) of whom a couple were British and a couple were women. On the off chance that anyone is reading this, it was really gret to meet you all.

I survived through till about 11pm, which was relatively remarkable given the time I'd got up that morning, but was finally defeated by my boots. They have extremely hard soles, and I hadn't got round to replacing my padded insoles, so after several hours of standing around talking to people my feet were killing me. I ended up having to take them off and walk 'home' in my stocking feet. I'm not sure that I've ever walked through Trafalgar Square barefoot before, and it felt theat it was rather too early both in the night and the year to be doing so, not to mention that I think it's an exercise best performed when one is significantly less sober than I was.

Today is a lovely spring day, but I've spent the morning stuck inthe office trying to catch up on some of the stuff that got left while I was ill earlier in the week. Passing through Waterloo station this morning the though of jumping onto a Eurostar and heading off for a day in France or Belgium was very tempting, but I resisted and have dutifully made some in-roads into the backlog. Another hour and then I think I'm going to escape.


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