Monday, March 14, 2005

Who says Philly isn't the centre of the universe? 

During the past three weeks I've been letting a lot of people know about where I'll be heading at the end of July. Some knew about my overall B-school plans so it was just a case of confirming destinations, others didn't and it was completely new news. While it does feel sad to be steppign down from things, confirming that I can't be involved in future plans and generally facing up to a few months of 'lasts', I continue to be overwhelmed by just how positive and supportive everyone is and how excited they are for me. (Sometimes a little less excitement would be good though, having been on the receiving end of a bear hug from my vicar as I was in the process of trying to empty out an urn of boiling water without scalding anyone.)

One thing I've found is that roughly every fifth person I tell seems to know someone in Philadelphia who I 'really should get in touch with'. If the social conventions of a hundred years ago were still applicable I think I'd be taking a suitcase-full of letters of introduction and spending most of the first semester taking tea with people.


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