Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What, no chocolate? 

There’s been quite an interesting thread running on the B-week boards about the freebies sent with admissions packets. Apparently someone got a mug full of chocolates from one of the clubs at Kellogg – maybe I should have waited longer to decline my place!

Neither Wharton nor Kellogg went overboard on the freebies. There was a Wharton car sticker in the admit pack and at Winter Welcome we got a $15 voucher to spend in the Wharton Store. The marketing cynic in me assumed that voucher redemption was used as a predictor for yield, as people who think they are unlikely to go to a school are probably not going to want a school branded t-shirt, but I never got round to asking anyone about this. Please feel free to confirm/deny if you can – enquiring minds want to know (or at least this one does). And if the information isn’t used for this, wouldn’t it be fun to try it and see if it works?! (Yes, I know I’m a geek. When I used a Direct Marketing agency for donor recruitment the rest of my team used to ooh and aah over visuals etc whilst I formed an immediate bond with the agency’s numbers guy and got excited about regression analysis – sad but true.) At DAK everyone got a t-shirt, a Frisbee and a pencil. As singers tend to have a pencil in every bag/pocket, the latter has come in handy.

In general though I’m pretty distrustful of freebies. Everything has to be paid for somehow, so unless it’s been donated or sponsored, chances are every gift is just adding $$ to my fees, which I can live without.


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