Monday, March 28, 2005

This is getting beyond a joke 

The ear infection that hit three weeks ago left me with a bit of a bunged ear, bit it was gradually unbunging and was no longer painful, so I'd stoped worrying about it and was just waiting for it to clear itself. Then, shortly before bed time, the searing pain started up again, for absolutely no apparent reason. So I'm here, with the clock approaching 2am, trying to balance a hot water bottle on the side of my head, hoping the painkillers will kick in some time soon, and debating whether schlepping half way across the city to the out-of-hours medical service will be more or less awful than my GP's office the morning after a four day weekend. And it's going to mean at least another half day of work, due to the need to get some sleep if nothing else. Anyone know where to get some new eustachian tubes?


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