Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Politics and admission decisions 

When it comes to national political elections, the UK works on the sort of semi-rolling decision making process favoured by some B-school admissions departments. There's a deadline which a decision has to be made (ie an election has to be called) but it can happen any time before then. As the last General Election was in 2001 the next one doesn't have to be until 2006, but the consensus of opinion is that we'll have one this year, with May 5th being the most likely date. (Local elections always occur on the first Thursday in May, and getting people out to vote on two different days is more than most politicians would hope for.)

I'm very much in favour of the 'one fell swoop' approach for admission decsions, and I think I'd much prefer it for elections as well. At the moment, with an election undeclared but in the air, the general chattering and jockeying for position amongst politicians and the media is starting to make the B-week boards look rational and mature. And we most likley have another three and a half weeks before we get a formal announcement, assuming May 5th will be the day. I really just wish they'd get on with it.


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