Monday, March 21, 2005

It's a bit quiet round here 

The last few days have been literally pretty quiet due to the after-effects of my ear infection bunging up my left ear. The silence is copeable with for the time being, the return of the bad-enough-to-wake-me-in-the-middle-of-the-night pain wasn't, but that seems to have abated. When I saw my doctor last week he was muttering dark things about hospitals and did I have private medical insurance, which makes me think I'm going to be shelling out £ to avoid waiting for weeks on end. I'm usually not given to unnecessary worry about health things, but we have a family history of ear trouble, so they are one of the few things that I get a bit paranoid about.

Things are more metaphorically quiet on the B-school front - just waiting for everything to work its way through the systems. During a rare moment of lucidity among the throbbing ear and sleep deprivation I did manage to go through my credit card statements and find that I'd been charged twice by Kroll for the verification (I had all sorts of problems with getting the system to accept my card, resulting in me paying over the phone, but it looks like it did take an on-line payment after all), so I've been making enquiries to get that sorted out. But that's it at the moment, other than getting nervous by proxy for everyone getting decisions in the next few days. Good luck all!


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