Monday, March 28, 2005

How come even long weekends aren't long enough? 

Easter weekend in the UK has the Friday and Monday as holidays, making it a lovely long break. This year's was an hour shorter as we switched to summer time on Sunday, but even so there was plenty of empty time and I had lots that I planned to do to fill it. Somehow it didn't work out that way though, and lots of my to do list remains undone.

I did manage some important stuff though. My deposit check etc went off on Saturday, and according to the tracking facility has made it to the US, if not yet to Admissions. (The tracking for my Financial Aid paperwork shows that it's made it as far as Cincinnati.) My Kellogg admit binder has been turned into a file for all my Wharton paperwork (admission letter, financial aid stuff, bskewl identification dossier etc) and my filing has found its way into the filing cabinet rather than sitting in a completely disordered pile on the floor. Parts of my flat have even reached a state of cleanliness and order that makes them fit to be seen by other people, although probably not to the level where they're fit to be seen by my mother.

More pleasantly, I had lunch on Saturday with Megami, who it was really good to meet. Great company, an accomplished food orderer, and skilled at not showing horror at either UK restaurant prices or my chopstick-using technique :) And I got home on Saturday evening to a correctly recorded video of the first new Dr Who. Not only was this cracking TV, and I would guess the inspiration for approximately half of the country's Easter Sunday sermons, it also confirmed that 'northern-ness' (in the Englsih sense) is a quality which trancends galaxies, which can only be a good thing.

So, a good weekend. Just a shame there isn't more of it still to come.


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