Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Getting somewhere 

Took myself off to the doctor yesterday morning and he confirmed the infection is back. I'm now on antibiotics that, among other things, are used to treat exposure to anthrax and other high grade nasties. I think he's aiming for the equivalent of a tactical nuclear explosion for bacteria. I've resigned myself to more time off work (pain, sleep deprivation and the side effects of the anti-biotics having left me fit for little), rearranged a meeting for the foutth time in three weeks and accepted that I'm going to be spending more time in the office on Saturday than I'd originaly planned.

My Financial Aid letter arrived yesterday (despite DHL's on-line tracking claiming that it was still in Cincinatti at the time). In my enfeebled state it prompted a bit of a "how on earth am I going to be able to afford this?" moment, but I had a sit down and a cup of coffee, pulled myself together, and managed to fill in the application form for my I-20 last night. The joys of regulations mean that the budget that the Financial Aid works off can't include expenses before pre-term, but that the one that OIP works off has to include them (if I'm understanding the system right), so the amount I have to be able to demonstrate I can cover form my own resources is c$1k more than the 10% contribution that Wharton requires. When it comes to the visa interview, I'm going to have to be able to show that I can cover this 10% +$1k, despite having already paid out my tuition deposit and, potentially, up to three months of rent (not including the security deposit, which isn't included in the budget anyway). So it all adds up. I was kicking myself for not having got myself moving sooner so that I could have got the visa interview out of the way before I started paying for things, until I realised that as financial aid letters have only just started going out, it wouldn't have made any difference.


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