Thursday, March 03, 2005

Getting going 

I managed to get my verification for Wharton going earlier this week (despite the Kroll system objecting to my credit card) and someone just phoned to check my details for my current employer. The person who answered the phone heard my name and 'human resources' thought it was a sales call and put the caller through to me. I was able to put him through to the person he actually needed to speak to, and it seems to have been pretty painless. I must say, he wasn't that clear on the phone what he was calling about or who he wanted to speak to, which could make things interesting when he calls my former organisation, unless HR there has improved dramatically in the last few years. Hopefully it should all proceed pretty smoothly.

One of my jobs for the weekend is to get my financial aid form done so that I can get going with both funding and my visa, and I need to sort out the best way to pay my deposit.


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