Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blogs and business 

Interesting piece in the latest Knowledge @ Wharton about blogs.

The article makes a brief mention of Google Adsense, which is what generates those little ads at the top of the page (unless you're reading this through Bloglines or similar, in which case you're missing out). I am pleased to be able to report that I am just $0.38 off having paid for my verification fee through this! Not a huge sum by any means, but not bad as money for old rope goes.

I had a conversation with some colleagues about the whole blog 'phenomenon' a few weeks ago, prompted by one of them having been featured in the blog of someone who was on a course he was running. I didn't 'fess up to having one, but it did get me thinking about their marketing potential for my current organisation. We've batted ideas about discussion boards etc around before but have concluded they're just too risky, for a number of reasons, but there might be some mileage in blogs. Might have to see if I can get some wheels in motion before I leave.


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