Monday, March 14, 2005

And we move a little bit further down the road 

Got an e-mail this evening to confirm that my financial aid stuff had been received. This was reassuring as I hadn't actually watched the fax go through and so there was always the possibility that there'd been a glitch of some kind. (I'm a bit mistrustful of machines at the moment, mainly due to a VCR which seems to sense when I really want to record something and decides not to do it.) The information in the e-mail conflicts a bit with what's being said on E-talk (the admitted students discussion board) regarding whether award notification letters have to wait for the University to finalise the student budget or whether they can be done based on the provisional budget, but I'm happy to sit tight an wait to get a letter at some point. International students an award letter in order to apply for an I20, which we need to get a student visa. Wait times for visa appointments in the UK aren't that long (about nine days at the moment, I think) so there's not any time pressure at this point in time, but I know people from countries where there's a much longer wait have been starting to get a bit anxious.


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