Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Seeing an end in sight 

Last week I had a meeting with my boss when we discussed my potential leaving date and things that I need to get finished before I go. Although the leaving date will depend on which school I choose, to a large extent we're talking about the same work period, because if I'm there during August I'll be working on some quite specific things that are happening that month.

Yesterday I had an 'I don't want to do this anymore' moment, not relating to the job or the work, but the travelling fram home to office (and vice versa). I split my week between working form home and from the office, which is a fair distance away. Although its always meant a lot of travel on my office based days, the overall quality of life benefits have made it worth it. Mid-way through last year my office based days increased from two to three, and I've really noticed the difference. Having woken up feeling distinctly ropey this morning I think yesterday's 'moment' might have been due to coming down with something rather than anything else, but even so, I'm glad that I've only got a few months of it to go.


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