Friday, February 04, 2005

Kellogg World 

While not enjoying my train journeys on Tuesday, I read through Kellogg World (reading material and lack of enjoyment not being connected in any way, I hasten to add). There were far fewer Business Week-inspired arm waving, grinning students, but lots of professors looking serious and gesticulating (and I'm betting that somewhere in Evanston whoever is responsible for picture selection is despairing at the fact that people giving lectures basically look serious and gesticulate, rather than doing something more visually interesting, like juggling hedgehogs).

There were some quite interesting articles on events at Kellogg, particular features of the currciculum, and profiles for alumni. The alumni club events section was pretty sparse for many clubs (London included), although I'm cautious of reading too much into this, as I know from experience that people aren't always that good at letting you know what they're up to. I also dipped into the 'class updates' (60+ pages of news about people you don't know not being th emost rivetting read), which painted a picture, if not a wholly representative one, of what people did after Kellogg, what they're doing know, the extent to which they've kept in touch with classmates etc.


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