Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's always nice to be told you're doing the right thing 

Thursday afternoon was the bi-monthly meeting of our trustee board followed in the evening by the annual meeting of our larger advisory board. Members of both come from a variety of fields, with roughly a third either being involved either specifically because of their business skills/background, or bringing those skills and backgrounds along with them. It was the first time I'd seen these groups since I got my decisions, and I got a really great reaction from them. All of the ones 'from business' thought I was doing the right thing and were eager to to talk about where I was going and why, what I planned to major in etc. as well as asking that I keep them in touch with how I got on. I also got my first real experience of how being associated with a school can both give you an instant credibility boost and a set of expectations to live up to. I know that I'm doing the right thing and everyone around me has been really supportive, but the whole MBA thing has been an unknown country to pretty much everyone, so that sort of reassurance from people for whom it's more familiar is good to have.

At the moment I'm trying to move forward with actually matriculating at Wharton but hitting a few small barriers. The job titles on my verification form are different to the ones on my application form for some reason, I need to sort out a deposit payment in US$ (my bank can't issue one) and I'm missing one but of paperwork for my financial aid form. All of them are in the process of being sorted out though, so hopefully I can get everything submitted soon. I've officially told Kellogg I won't be attending, which only seemed fair as it'll allow them to factor it in to their r2 and waitlist decisions.

Good luck to everyone waiting on Kellogg decisions, which seem to have started coming out, and to those heading to Wharton hub (and other) interviews.


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