Monday, January 17, 2005

Who am I kidding? 

Stanford decisions come out sometime in the next 36 hours. I'm feeling much calmer about getting the news than I was at the same point with Wharton. Of course, knowing that a. I'm going somewhere and b. I've got a choice as to where I go, makes things a lot easier. I've also spent the last four weeks being able to focus on attending Wharton or Kellogg as potential realities, in a way that I haven't been able to do with Stanford, and I've been giving some serious thought to the disadvantages that Stanford has compared to the other two. I've also been reminding myself that it's much more likely that I'll get a ding than anything else. So all in all I've been basically 'getting my disappointment in first' and working on the basis that I will take bad news in my stride.

Then, about half an hour ago, my home phone rang with 'International' showing on the caller display. Now I know that it's the middle of the night in California, that today is a holiday, and that I asked to be called on my mobile, but my heart raced as I grabbed for the phone nevertheless. It was my credit card company wanting to inform me about a prmotional interest rate for balance transfers. I think I might have been a bit short with the poor guy.

So if I'm honest with myself, I really want to get the call from Derrick Bolton. I'm by no means 100% sure that Stanford is where I'll go if I get the option, but I would like to have that option, and to know that they want me as part of the class. But if I don't get it, then I'll still have a choice of two great schools, and I'm not sure how well I'd have coped living in graduate accommodation without a bath tub anyway :)

Finally, for all those waiting for decisions or who've recently got them, there's a really good post from the B-week boards here. What it says about LBS is jsut as true for any school, I think.


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