Friday, January 07, 2005

Thank Crunchy it's Friday 

The first four days back at work have been a strain. The very early mornings in particular have been a real struggle. But tomorrow's a Saturday,which means the possibility of a lie-in, and next week only involves three days of work (and only one early morning) becasue I fly out to Philly onThursday. Everyone at work now officially knows that I'll be disappearing in the summer, and it's good to be able to talk about it openly, particularly with a colleague who starts a new job in Conneticut in the next few weeks.

I've been vaguely thinking about things that are going to be relevant wherever I spend the next couple of years, like sorting out getting a CFRE qualification, and Visa photo's, and the fact that I probably ought to get a new passport (mine runs out in October 2007 and is starting to look worryingly full). I need to sort out the CFRE form this weekend if I'm going to make the next London exam sitting, but the rest can wait for the time being. Sleep and 'sofa time' are higher priorities right now.

The UK Wharton admits are getting together in London on the 18th, which should be fun. It'll certainly be one way of keeping those of who are waiting to hear from Stanford occupied. With a Philly trip at the end of next week, and the promise of a really hectic start to the week after, workwise, I'm hoping I'll forget that I'm meant to be expecting anything.


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