Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I was going to start by saying that I was reflecting on the Stanford ding overnight, but actually I spent 'overnight' sleeping. I did spend a lot of yesterday reflecting on it though, as it became increasingly clear that was the most likely outcome as the day wore on. (For the record, I know that getting a phone call ahead of time is a great way to find out you're in, but not getting one when you know they are going out is a pretty brutal way to find out you're not. I much prefer the 'putting everyone out of their misery' at the same time approach.) Thanks to everyone for your good wishes, support and messages. They mean evern more when you get bad news than when you get good.

Eight months ago, if you'd asked me, I'd have said that I'd be really excited to be offered a place at Kellogg or Wharton, but that I'd willingly crawl all the way to California over broken glass if that was what it took to get into Stanford. Since then, my feelings have changed. Over the months I've got less infatuated with Stanford and more enthusiatic about K and W, especially W. So whereas eight months ago I'd have thought I'd be devestated at getting a ding, I'm not. Of course, I've always known that this was the most likely outcome. And if, eight months ago, someone had told me that they could off me a guarantee that I'd be accepted to one of the three schools, but only to one of them, and that one would be picked at random, I'd have taken the deal. So to be sitting here with two offers to choose between, one of them with $$, is fantastic. Sure there are things which Stanford offered that were pretty unique, but the same can be said for Wharton and Kellogg too. If I've learnt anything over the past few years, its that things work out the way that they are meant to, and its going to be exciting discovering just how they will work out. So the next step is to go to Wharton Winter Welcome and Day at Kellogg and take things from there. At the moment I'm leaning towards Wharton, but keeping an open mind.

Speaking of Wharton, I spent yesterday evening at a pub with some of the other UK based Wharton r1 admits. There were about ten of us, originating from all over the world, and with a pretty even split between definates, probables and possibles when it came to accepting Wharton. It was a fun evening and a great bunch of people. Being at school with people you enjoy having a beer with is as important as being with people you can learn from, as far as I'm concerned, and yesterday evening was positive on both counts.

Finally huge congratulations to wakechick, poweryogi I'm sure it's good news for you too. And to everyone waiting for news from Harvard today - good luck!


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