Sunday, January 30, 2005

Leadership and teamwork 

There were a couple of things I was going to mention in my last post, but didn't because I got distracted by realising while I was typing just how beneficial the whole balance thing could be. So . . .

One of things I mentioned in my 'Why Wharton' application essay was the school's leadership programme, and it is certainly something that I'm very impressed by. While leadership is by no means absent from the Kellogg curriculum, or from other aspects of school life, it doesn't seem to be anywhere near as pervasive or holistic (the Business Leadership Club has laying the foundations for a Leadership Program as one of its aims). I also really like the 'learning teams' approach at Wharton, which puts a group of students together for the whole of the first year. At Kellogg it seems to be that teams are put together on a class by class basis. I've worked in enough tems and learnt eanough about team development to think that the former approach has the promise of being ultimately less frustrating and more productive.


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