Saturday, January 08, 2005

Contact from Kellogg 

My plans on the sleep front were somewhat scuppered by a gale that kept me awake late last night and woke me early this morning. Still, we seem to have got off quite lightly down here compared to much of the country.

My admit pack from Kellogg finally arrived this morning. It had been mailed on New Years Eve, the delay due, I think, to the setting up of password, e-mail address etc. Rather less explicably, it was postmarked Malmo, Sweden. I can only assume that there is a logic for that somewhere. So I've now been able to log on, register for DAK, and have a look around. The message board seems little used at the moment, but hopefuly thay will change as more admits go out in the next week. I'm feeling rather less abandoned now, especially as there was a very nice handwritten postscript from Beth Flye at the bottom of the admit letter. The cynical marketer part of me knows the value of postscripts and why people use them, but I'm a sucker for plausible flattery never the less :)


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