Monday, January 24, 2005

Compare and contrast 

Unsurprisingly, I'm spending a lot of time looking at the pros and cons of both Kellogg and Wharton. I touched on the financial stuff a little yesterday, but the other major consideration in terms of money is housing.

Wharton produces a housing guide for the Welcome Weekend in April, and last years is currently available for reference. This lists the buildings that current students live in, gives rent information, scores on different aspects and comments, as well as giving a map showing where they all are. In relation to Kellogg, there's mbaproperties which specifically caters to Kellogg students and has a very useful website with property details, maps showing walking times to school and a grid that shows all the properties, rents amenities etc. Realistically, I'll most likely be making my decision about where to attend before I physically look at apartments, so having these resources is really useful.

From what I've seen so far, at the lower end of the price range for a 1br, things are pretty comparable, with Philly prices falling a little below and a little above those in Evanston. If I'm willing to go for minimal space to lower the cost, then studios in Evanston look cheaper. In both cases, 'on-campus' housing doesn't look like it'll be any cheaper then off (although it would be furnished) and for a range of reasons I'd really rather not take an on-campus option.


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