Monday, January 31, 2005

The binder has landed 

The Kellogg admit binder arrived this morning. Pretty much all of what's in it is on the admit website, but it's useful to have it in an off-line, paper form as well. They've also included a copy of the alumni magazine, which is going to be my on-train reading tomorrow, and a reprint of B-weeks info on Kellogg from last year's ranking issue. The latter has a photo on the back of hundreds of smiling students (presumably) in Kellogg t-shirts, with their arms in the air. The whole big smile, raised arm thing seems to be quite a feature of Kellogg publicity photos, some of which I actually find quite disturbing. But I think that says more about me than about anything else. The rankings info also comes with the Kellogg entries highlighted in yellow, just to make sure we don't miss them, I assume.

I got a bit panicked when I couldn't find my registration e-mail for DAK, and thought I'd maybe been interrupted half way through the process and had never actually registered. So I went and registered again, got the confirmation e-mail and then promptly found my original confirmation. I now need to e-mail someone and let them know that there'll only be one of me coming.
Did slightly better with Wharton and have managed to put my name down (just the once) for the Womenin Business dinner at Wintr Welcome and an alumni event in London on Friday that they've invited admits to. It's hosted by Bombay Sapphire and features 'complimentary cocktails'. If my brain is behaving anything like it has been today, I think gin may not be a good idea.


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