Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What a day . . .  

From being unsure if I'd be going anywhere, to having a choice, within the space of five hours.

Hugely excitedby the Wharton acceptance, but the excitement was tempered by knowing that not everyone got great news. It's a real shame not to be able to share the elation with everyone who I've travelled this road with.

The silly grin stage really set in after I got a call from the admissions office, which along with saying lots of nice things about my application brought news of a scholarship. Enough to be significant, but not so much as to complicate decisions, which is good I think. By this point I'd already phoned my mum, who somehow hadn't grasped that I was hearing before Christmas (!). She was very congratulatory and then got on to the much more important business of lunch on Boxing Day (something to do with ducks, not quite sure what as my mind wasn't focussing). I had intended to get some work done this afternoon, but didn't manage it, so phoned/e-mailed people to pass on the news instead. I also did battle with my newly upgraded anti-virus, anti-span etc software, which seems to be going a bit overboard and refusing to let me send some messages - grrrr.

When the Kellogg call came I had a mouthful of pizza (having decided to order in as I probably wouldn't be safe in the kitchen) and had just about used up my quota of excitement for the day, so may not have sounded as enthusiastic as the person calling might have hoped. At the moment I'm feeling sort of 'intellectually excited' but emotionaly drained about it. Excitement proper will no doubt kick in once I get the admit pack, log in to the admitted students area etc. I haven't actually told any 'real world' people about Kellogg yet, as it just seemed to come as a bit of a post script.

So now the plan is to go to the admitted student events (think of the airmiles, try not to think of the cost) and make a decision after that. At the moment I don't have a definitive front runner. I'd have been thrilled to get just one acceptance, two is a bonus. If Stanford makes it three, that'll be a cherry on top. Whichever way, I know I'll be going somewhere great, and that's more than I knew eight hours ago.

At the risk of sounding like Gwynie at the Oscars, many thanks to everyone who's supported me through this process - all my fellow bloggers, everyone whose left comments, e-mailed me, or offered help and advice. This virtual community really is something special.


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