Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wharton Interview 

It all went fine, I think. Were there questions I coulsd have answered better or points I could have made but didn't? Most certainly. But I don't think I messed up anything majorly. I'm happy that I was honest and I was myself. So far as it's possible to get an accurate picture of someone from a 30-minute interview, I think the interviewer probably got one of me. Who knows what she thought and to what extent her concerns will mirror those already raised by the rest of my file. If the sum of the parts leads to a decision that I'm not right for Wharton, then so be it and it probably means that Wharton isn't right for me. but let me say that I think it is, and I think I am, and I'm really hoping for a positive decision.

It was a very relaxed talk, lasted just over 30 minutes and covered the following.

Afterwards I went for a coffee with Durba and another interviewee (who I won't name in case he'd prefer I didn't). It was great to meet Durba finally and to connect with other applicants.

Got home and had to eat, change and be out the door in 15 minutes to get to a rehearsal for a concert tomorrow. I'm now pooped after an evening's singing on top of everything else, so this is brief. I'll add more as/if it occurs to me.


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